Anonymous asked:
    What is the best way to ask out a guy?

    There’s no best way, it all depends on the guy. Just ask him if he wants to go catch a Jays game, or go to a movie, or just go out for wings and beer one night. Something casual to get to know each other. 

    Anonymous asked:
    How do you feel about girls asking out guys? There's this guy i am interested in but not sure if he is interested in me. BTW, this is guy is a close friend of yours :P

    Go for it! It’s the 21st Century. 

    Anonymous asked:
    Why don't you make anymore videos??? Man, i miss that!!!

    I don’t know man. I’m just over the whole video thing. It really wasn’t for me. I have so many other things going on with my career and stuff, I just don’t have the time or energy to make videos.

    I’ll make one last video before the end of summer though.  

    Anonymous asked:
    Have you ever went to a social event and saw a face of someone you know on tumblr??? Have you ever been confident it was them and things got a bit awkward cause you connected all those deep thoughts to a face?

    Haha, not really….

    But I can see you have! Did you get his/her number? *wink wink*  

    Anonymous asked:
    I'm a tamil girl and I have over protective brotthers. Like OVERPROTECTIVE. Recently they heard that I had a boyfriend and they are doing everything in their power to figure who it is. I never told them cause in the beginning of freshman year they told me that they would beat the guy up or make sure that he treats me right and all that shit. I don't know what to do. Advice would be nice right about now....

    Haha. I don’t have any sisters but a lot of my friends have sisters. They were like that when they were younger but now that we’re older we just look after them from a far I guess. I mean if the guy is a good person then normally an older brother wouldn’t be worried about it. So in a sense they’re just trying to figure out his character. You can’t really blame your brothers. Maybe you should just explain to them that your bf is a good person. 

    2 Weeks a Year: How a Trip to Sri Lanka Changed My Outlook on Life -

    My very first published article! Check it out!

    Day 127 - My Favorite ‘What If’

    Most people often talk about their favorite memories, and reminisce about remarkable moments in their lives. Like most people I do the same, and I’ve had my fair share of extravagant moments. I’ve also had my fair share of moments that could have been extravagant and life altering. Call it what you want; the road not taken or uncapitalized opportunities. The fact of the matter remains that there are several aspects of my life that could have turned out vastly different.

    I sometimes ponder about the string of memories I could have created for myself. I sometimes wonder how life would have been if my parents decided to move to Europe instead of Canada. I would have a British accent - that would be pretty cool. Maybe I would have grown up white washed and have no idea how it feels to be surrounded by a million brown people. I sometimes wonder how life would have been had I moved away for University. Would I have been as successful or would I have misused my freedom and buckled under the pressure. What if I didn’t stay in Toronto after finishing University? What if I had gone straight to California to work for a startup? Maybe we would have got bought out and I’d be sitting with a million in my bank account right now. That ‘what if’ is definetely up there but not my most favorite. Money and success may alude you from time to time but be rest assured that they are fairly easy to come by given the worth ethic. 

    So what is my favorite what if? She will always be my favorite what if. Infact, true love will always be my favorite what if. Most things in life come and go but I believe that love - the feel good, passionate, and heart wrenching love is something that rarely comes by. I don’t dwell on it, I’m not depressed about it, and I don’t lose sleep over it. Yet I still think about it from time to time. I think about the moments that we could have had, the places we could have went, and the lifetime we could have shared. What if I had met her in a different circumstance, in a different mindset, and at a different point in my life? What if…? 

    People call you crazy and think it’s unhealthy to think about what could have been. They tell you to move forward, and that life goes on. Yes, life does indeed go on but that doesn’t mean you should forget the past. You should remember every opportunity that you didn’t capitalize on, everything you could have done but didn’t do. How else will you not repeat the mistakes? 

    Like I said, it will remain a what if. My favorite what if. Maybe I’ll find love again, or maybe I won’t but atleast I’ll know what love looks like. One thing is for certain, next time I won’t let it be a what if.  

    Day 93 - As the Seasons Change

    As the snow melts and flowers begin to blossom you come to appreciate the magnificent cycle of the life. The more that things change, the more they stay the same. Familiar sights and smells encompassed by new experiences and memories. Passing of seasons symbolizes not only mother natures tendency to change, but yours as well.

    Year in and year out you come to see that you’ve grown, even if it may be in the slightest of ways. With growth comes a greater understanding of unfamiliar territory. The willingness to tackle on endeavors that may have been a foreign after thought just yesterday. Take the opportunity to do more with your life. Most importantly - laugh more, love more, and live more. 

    Anonymous asked:
    Even if I told you I knew someone like that, you wouldn't believe me... but I do. However, it's a small world, so if it's meant to be, you'll find her or she'll find you without needing me to introduce you haha

    Haha, gee thanks.


    Anonymous asked:
    opinion on meeting someone online.

    It would be different I guess, but in all honesty don’t we meet a lot of people online these days? Especially with Facebook and Twitter. 

    You follow someone on twitter and you end up knowing so much about them, but have you met them? I don’t know, it’s up in the air I guess. I don’t think the concept of meeting someone “online” is as foreign as we think it to be.  

    Anonymous asked:
    When did you graduate from Uni?

    Last year. 

    Anonymous asked:
    Aren't most guys into short girls cause they are so little and cute.

    Haha, I’m more into fierce than cute. 

    Anonymous asked:
    Do u have any tips on how to handle university first year ? I am honestly really scared to start university. I am planning to go to a university a little far away from where I live. It seems to be overwhelming, any suggestions on how to handle the first year ?

    First year is definitely a big transition from high school because your expected to be a lot more independent. No one is going to hold your hand or make sure you go to class. You have to take it upon yourself to do what you need to do. Make sure you stay on top of your stuff, but also make sure to have some fun as well. 

    Just try to find the perfect balance between the two!  

    Anonymous asked:
    I am contemplating between Waterloo University and McMaster University for Life Science, any suggestions on which university would be the best ? according to friends experiences

    I’m not too certain, but from what I remember McMaster is where people usually go for Life Sciences. You should probably get a second opinion on that though. 

    Anonymous asked:
    You are like the perfect definition of a tamil guy that I consider amazing! I absolutely love you and your videos... I watch them all. aaand I think you're super cute and sexy ;)

    Why thank you! Appreciate the compliments. Much love! =) 

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